Walk 4 Wellness

45 minute class for active older individuals seeking cardiovascular endurance through walking both indoors and out! The program will incorporate weights for a more challenging experience if desired. Times: Monday 8:00am Wednesday 8:00am Friday...

Strength & Stretch

This class will be a combination of total body strengthening exercises and yoga poses to promote balance and flexibility. Times: Wednesday 5:00am


A unique class that blends a variety of exercise techniques to increase power and speed while also focusing on increasing flexibility by using exhilarating dance moves! Times: Wednesday 6:00am

Indoor Cycling

45 to 60 minutes of indoor cycling that involves movements and positions such as:   hill climbs, sprints and interval training. Times: Monday 6:45pm – you must register in advance at the front desk for this class due to limited bikes available. Tuesday 5:00am...

HeartCore Step

The layering technique for choreography and an adjustable bench are used in this fast-paced workout. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants can benefit from this energized mind and body workout that torches calories, increases coordination, and challenges...