Silver Sleek

One hour cardio based class for active older individuals seeking to challenge themselves while increasing cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Times: Monday 10:15am

Gentle Hatha Chair Yoga

This class offers a gentle, slower paced approach for those with health issues or limited mobility, the majority of poses performed are in a chair or incorporate the chair for stability. Optional floor work may be offered. This class can as well be useful for those...


A cardio and weight resistance class for active older adults seeking to increase cardiovascular endurance and learn the fundamentals of working out. Times: Friday 9:00am

Drums Alive

This unique class captures the essence of movement and rhythm utilizing drum sticks and resist-a-balls. The choreographies are designed to burn calories, improve physical/ fitness, broaden your mind, and don’t forget, fun!   This class can be modified for any fitness...

Adaptive Yoga

This class allows seniors, those with physical restrictions, and anyone interested, to practice yoga in a safe and supportive environment. You will be given individual attention and modifications to meet your physical needs.  This class will help you to improve your...