A cardio and weight resistance class for active older adults seeking to increase cardiovascular endurance and learn the fundamentals of working out. Times: Friday 9:00am

Fitness Fusion

A calorie “Blitz” that offers a mix of cardio variations (Hi/Low/Interval) combined with fun use of equipment including weights, discs, medicine balls, stability balls, body bars, tubes, bands, or free weights all geared to condition, strengthen, sculpt and get...

Drums Alive

This unique class captures the essence of movement and rhythm utilizing drum sticks and resist-a-balls. The choreographies are designed to burn calories, improve physical/ fitness, broaden your mind, and don’t forget, fun!   This class can be modified for any fitness...

Cardio Strength

A Cardio class that blends a variety of exercise techniques to increase power and speed by using exhilarating dance moves! Times: Friday 5:00am

Cardio Kickboxing

An amazing aerobic experience, utilizing martial arts based kickboxing techniques to increase muscular strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, and balance. No prior martial arts experience necessary. Times: Tuesday 5:35pm