A cardio and weight resistance class for active older adults seeking to increase cardiovascular endurance and learn the fundamentals of working out. Times: Friday 9:00am

Core Fusion

60 minute Total Body workout blending Yoga, Pilates and Barre exercises. This mat class will incorporate light hand-held weights (1-3 lbs), resistance bands, core balls, and chairs (as individual ballet barres). This all-levels class can be easily modified/amplified...

Cardio Strength

A Cardio class that blends a variety of exercise techniques to increase power and speed by using exhilarating dance moves! Times: Friday 5:00am

Bootcamp Fitness

This class is a challenging, whole-body workout with varied exercise techniques that builds strength and endurance with every class. Cardio and strengthening exercises will pump you up and leave you sweating. Times: Tuesday 9:00am Friday...