How long have you been a Y member?

2.5 years (BAY every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

What are your 3 favorite things about BAY?

Neatness of the facility, Variety of Equipment, and the great people working there and the great people working out there! I always feel welcome!

What purpose does the YMCA serve in your life?

Initially, the facility served to keep me in shape… but, recently, due to some severe health issues, working out at the Y will help to get me back on my feet, regain strength and increase my overall stamina. I can count on the staff to always help me if needed!

Have you made a lot of friends at the Y?

I have been to many facilities in the past, but the BAY has allowed me to make many friends, easily.

What would your life be without BAY?

Without BAY, I would have a feeling of emptiness… Everyone there has become a big part of my life!

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