What is your personalized fitness plan?

I meal prep for the Keto Diet and my workouts are based off the Body Spartan program.

How long have you been a Y member?

About seven years.

What are your 3 favorite things about BAY?

Child watch, staff friendliness, and heavier free weights than any other gym in the area

What purpose does the YMCA serve in your life?

BAY is a great link to the Bloomsburg community and I love participating in YMCA events,
especially the Golf Tournament and Trunk or Treat. Additionally, I come to BAY to work out…
and, without the Child Watch program, I would have to work out at home.

Have you made a lot of friends at the Y?

Yes. I see a lot of the same people when I work out and we have become gym buddies.

What would your life be without BAY?

Without the Y, I would have to work out at home, and I would not enjoy that as much.

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