Get Healthy, Get Lean, EARN GREEN!


It’s time to team up again, this time in teams of FOUR! For this challenge, scoring will be based on a combination of a team’s average percentage of weight lost.

Initial Meeting & Start Date: Monday, June 4th at 7PM
Final Weigh-in: Monday, July 30th (MUST weigh in on this day!)
Price to Participate: $25 per person, $100 per 4-person team! (SPECIAL SUMMER PRICING; WAS $35!)

Team up to Win!

For this challenge, participants will compete in teams of four to win fabulous prizes! If you don’t have a full team yet, comment on our Facebook event to meet someone new!

The Y is here to help you out, too! We offer nutrition advice from our staff dietitian Sarah Dayton, before & after photos to track your progress, and to support you throughout the contest in a Facebook group!

Our fitness facilities and aerobics classes are free for member use and are $5 per day for nonmembers!

Results are based on teams’ average weight loss percentages. Check in at the Y every week to see where your team stands in the weight loss totals!

What We Provide:

When you participate in the Get Healthy challenge, the Bloomsburg Area YMCA wants to help as much as we can! To boost your fitness goals, we will provide:

  • Nutrition guidance from Sarah Dayton
  •  Official starting and finishing weigh-ins in the YMCA Youth & Senior Fitness Center
  • A set of fantastic prizes for our winners!

Not a member? NOT A PROBLEM!

For our SUMMER SHAPE-UP Challenge, you can compete whether or not you are a YMCA member!

First Place Team Prizes

Each member of the First Place team will win:

  • One 60-minute Massage by Janine Hall
  • One 60-minute Float from Art of Floating
  • An UnderArmor Duffelbag
  • HALF THE POT (split among all four members!)


Want to Give Back?

Give a gift to your community by donating to the YMCA!

Your donation will support Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility in the Bloomsburg Community!

Bloomsburg Area YMCA Mission Statement

The Bloomsburg Area YMCA is a cause-driven Columbia County organization that is dedicated to Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. The Bloomsburg Area YMCA addresses these needs through our facilities, programs, and community collaborations with likeminded organizations.

Vision Statement - To nurture every child and teen, to improve the health and well-being of our community residents, and to support fellow cause-driven Columbia County Associations.

The Y is here for our community:

The Bloomsburg Area YMCA serves over 600 families in our community!

The Bloomsburg Area YMCA provides over 40 wellness classes each week to prevent childhood obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes!

The Bloomsburg Area YMCA helps teach values and teamwork to over 200 children in our Y-care, preschool, and sport leagues, swim team, and gymnastics program.

Give the Y a Try!

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UNITED WAY - The Bloomsburg Area YMCA is a program partner with the Columbia County United Way