Diamond Level: Gifts $5,000 and Higher

  • Audrey Magee
  • First Community Foundation
  • Commercial Stainless
  • Degenstein Foundation


Gold Level: Gifts $1,000 and Higher

  • Magee Foundation
  • Bloomsburg Carpet
  • Patricia McDowell
  • Charles Pursel
  • David J. Ball
  • Clair Hock
  • Robert and Patricia McBride
  • PP&L

Silver Level: Gifts $250 and Higher

  • Rodney Erwine
  • C. Richard & Gloria Gearhart
  • William Rakauskas
  • Ruth Blair
  • Chris Howell
  • PPG Industries
  • SAL Squadron #273
  • Norma Brobyn
  • Brian Wawroski
  • Hummel – Lewis LLP
  • Gary Norton
  • Mary Harris
  • John and Gayle Hine
  • Bank of America
  • Collins Insurance, Inc
  • Andy and Bonnie Keister
  • Marian Weisberg
  • Tom Kapelewski
  • Sherri Wohlford

Bronze Level: Gifts under $250

  • Donald & Kay Camplese
  • Joe and Nikki Kelly
  • Elmer Robinson
  • Wagner Trophy/ Hummel
  • Karen Hess
  • John Thompson
  • Fred Reck
  • John & Patricia Beierschmitt
  • James Cleary
  • Thomas A. Davies Jr, & Lynn Croft
  • H. Rodney Erwine
  • Kirk A. & Sheila B. Gilbert
  • Barbara Neuhard
  • Dale & Dorothy Reichart
  • Paul Reichart
  • Suzanne W. Vannan
  • The Wagon Shed
  • Larry Bechtel
  • Robert Cromley
  • Dawne & Patrick Erwin
  • Nathalie Guibord
  • David and Mary Hill
  • Michael Irey
  • Nancy Marr
  • Leo Sokoloski
  • Tim Wagner
  • Remit Corp
  • Mary Jean Rosini
  • Marcy Zyskoski
  • William C. Calhoun & Jill D. Carson
  • Anne and Bob Barton
  • John D. Beers
  • Paul and Regnia Dent
  • Robert & Joanne Mosteller
  • Joan Benek Rivera
  • Art and Sharon Steiner
  • Roland and Lois Sutter
  • Stewart Caladie
  • Mary Clapp
  • Cathy Cooper
  • William Hill
  • Alvin Luschas
  • Joan McCarty
  • Victoria Mihalik
  • Lisa Mitchell
  • David Mosteller
  • Franklin Robbins
  • Richard Rock
  • John and Jeananne Scrimgeour
  • Helen and Jim Patterson
  • Burt and Malinda Price
  • Terrance Rily
  • Fred Ainsworth
  • Albree Boone
  • Daniel Brewer
  • Lisa Carver
  • Sue Krum
  • Bob Miller
  • Deborah Nevius
  • Harry Strausser
  • George Thompson
  • Patricia West
  • John Yoder
  • Edward & Nancy Campbell

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Bloomsburg Area YMCA Mission Statement

The Bloomsburg Area YMCA is a cause-driven Columbia County organization that is dedicated to Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. The Bloomsburg Area YMCA addresses these needs through our facilities, programs, and community collaborations with likeminded organizations.

Vision Statement - To nurture every child and teen, to improve the health and well-being of our community residents, and to support fellow cause-driven Columbia County Associations.

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The Bloomsburg Area YMCA serves over 600 families in our community!

The Bloomsburg Area YMCA provides over 40 wellness classes each week to prevent childhood obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes!

The Bloomsburg Area YMCA helps teach values and teamwork to over 200 children in our Y-care, preschool, and sport leagues, swim team, and gymnastics program.

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